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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Sometimes You Just Gotta Laugh - UPDATED

Today, I came across following comments thread on ASH Australia's Facebook Page, which is always hilarious in its stupidity.   To summarise the situation in a few words:  someone writes "Ban BBQs" perhaps facetiously, which is then followed up with a comment that links to a parody about banning BBQs, which then has ASH asking where is the evidence?  That's rich -- these guys asking for evidence. I laughed my ass off reading that.  Sadly, no one pointed them to Dick's post or the BBC article.

UPDATE 26 April 2012 -- The below thread has been deleted from ASH's Facebook page.  I have no idea why.  Remember, always screen capture stuff like this, so it can be preserved.  Also, see the comments section below for another deleted conversation where ASH claims to be civil libertarians. I do not think they know the meaning of those words.  H/T and thanks to Cherie.

Here's the thread. Enjoy:

Bonus:  See this tweet for how ASH Australia likes to rig petitions in other countries.