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Monday 31 December 2012

Happy Fucking New Year

Much to the chagrin of The Root of All Evil, perhaps, I am still alive and quite healthy.  Clearly, he missed me.  Bless. I suspect that, deep down, he likes me. Or maybe it is his enormous ego that enjoys anything I write about him.  Of course, the Root still gets everything wrong.  I'm not a libertarian, nor a stalwart for the libertarian cause. I don't follow any political party or belief system.  Some of my personal beliefs may tend towards libertarian, but I would eschew the label as a matter of course. I do not subscribe to any group's ideology, even a disjointed group such as libertarians. In any case, I'm not dead yet, and with this new year I shall return to writing for this blog.

I needed the break from blogging for a multitude of reasons.  Suffice to say that after a few months of dedicated prohibitionist / socialist-watching and writing about these cunts, I felt a little burnt out, and that what remained lurking amongst the charred embers in the forge of my mind was a simmering rage that had to be quenched in order for me to return to some semblance of normalcy and well-being.  For a time I wasn't sure why I was angry at just about everything and everyone; I just knew what I felt could not be left unchecked.  So I decided to not blog for the whole month of December, and I stopped watching and using Twitter (it should be said I loathe Twitter), and I avoided Facebook (also loathed -- actually I despise almost all social media), and I didn't open up e-mails for days and I failed to reply to many, and most importantly, I stopped reading the news and keeping up on current events.  Ignorance is bliss, indeed.

Instead, I focused on doing the one thing I love to do the most.  Create and play music.  Does music soothe the savage beast?  Absolutely.  Funnily enough, I don't play in bands any longer because I have no tolerance for unreliable, egotistical arseholes, a species that pervades the music industry in spades (much like politics), particularly lead singers for cover bands, but certainly not limited to only them.  But I still love to play music.  I can spend hours playing the same riffs over and over, mastering them, perfecting them -- each and every note and nuance carefully considered.  However, what I enjoy most is just winging it, so to speak. Kind of making it up as I go along on the top of a song's structure.  Sure, I can play something exactly the same way every time, but where's the fun in that?  This is one reason why I never liked to play in cover bands unless we completely reworked the songs, and that almost never happens. Because people who come to listen to cover bands generally desire to hear the songs as they've always known them.  People don't like change.  They seek comfort in the things that are known to them, and this is especially true for playing in a cover band.

So anyway, I spent the month of December playing my keyboard, and catching up on some films, and generally avoiding everything related to this blog and the people I write about.  I am not sorry for this.

The time away did allow me to think a few things through.  I have a much better idea of what of "our side" needs to do and how to make these things happen.  Yet, in getting people motivated to actually do these things, to step outside from their comfort zones, to accept the risks involved, to take just a few baby steps of action ... well, I remain at a loss.  I'm not a charismatic leader, I have no powers of persuasion, and by the time you finish reading this blog post, you will have already forgotten this paragraph. Still, the things that I believe must be done I cannot do alone, and I am nevertheless wary of asking anyone to do them, let alone write about them.  Never telegraph your true intent to your enemies, is my point.

Speaking about enemies, I have considered who ours are at great length and I list the four of them in the order of importance:

The mainstream media -- I have long intended to write a proper blog post about the media, but for now, please know that the media is our greatest enemy.  Without the media's support, those who follow in this list could never have impacted us as greatly as they've done these past few years.  I am all for a free press and freedom of speech, but the media has been actively and purposefully deceiving all of us and promoting a socially-divisive agenda for too long, all to sell their brand of news.  Stay tuned for another post in the coming weeks.

National Politicians -- Our political system is utterly broken and beyond repair.  This shambles of a government we call a representative democracy has failed.  Completely. There is no saving it. It is a "demockery." Trust me on this. It has failed everywhere, not just in Britain.  If a politician votes against the wishes of the vast majority of the public and/or his constituency, then he is not representing anyone but himself (or herself) or his party's beliefs.  We have all been duped into believing that what we think matters. It doesn't matter at all to these motherfuckers. They are truly not interested in your well-being; they seek only to empower themselves.  They all need to go. 

The EU -- Some of you will say this should come before our national governments, but I disagree.  If we could fix our national governments, the EU problem could be readily solved.  You've probably noticed a lot of scaremongering coming from the leaders within the EU.  That's because they are desperately clinging on to the last vestiges of power they have. They know as well as you and I do that it's all going tits up -- it's just a matter of when.  The last three or four years, perhaps even longer, have seen endless plasters (Band-Aids for my American readers) stuck on the growing sore that is the EU, but none of these will or can cure the underlying infection. The EU experiment in control has also failed.  It has become a rabid monster that needs to be put down by any means.  I've always liked the free trade of goods and avoiding duty, particularly in respect of cross-border shopping, but upon honest consideration it's simply not worth enduring the misery. 

WHO / Public Health Advocates / Activist Doctors -- Public Health should be about things like clean drinking water and fighting off communicable diseases.  Instead it has become a breeding ground for prohibitionists and anti-capitalists and socialists, and it is most evident that the "cure" is far worse than the disease.  Not to get all lefty-sounding here, but there are many places in the world where people still do not have clean water, where infectious diseases run rampant, so why are these prohibitionist cunts worried about how much booze you drink, plain packaging for tobacco, how much food you eat? Have they ever saved one life? One child?  The answer is, "no."  All they really have done is destroy culture and lives, the very substance of our societies and social well-being. They have lied, they take and steal and use our money against us, and why the fuck do we put up with it?  Any individual who works in or identifies with the current construct of Public Health must be considered an enemy.  They must be given no quarter.  Little minions or big minions -- they are all equally dangerous and should be held to account.  Do not play nice with these people, for they have not played fair at all and they do not intend to.  It really is time to take off the gloves, don'tcha think? Or you can keep trying to play by their rules in a system rigged against you, and if you do, you will keep losing. Guaranteed.

Of course, the above is not all inclusive of all of our enemies. There are plenty of others that should be noted, too.  Like some departments at universities and members of their staff, any and all socialists, some in the legal business, certain charities, that stupid cow in America who spilt coffee on herself and successfully sued McDonalds (a blog post is forthcoming about that because I've realised it's an enormously important moment in understanding why things are the way they are), and any individual who is in favour of legislation banning anything under the seemingly noble yet hopelessly misguided pretense of "protect the children."  These people all suck in no small measure. 

And if you're one of those people noted above, people who work and pray for the New Inquisition, and you're reading this blog post, go fuck yourself.  Yes, I am talking to you people who cry out "protect the children." You are everything that is wrong with the world, even though every last one of you probably believe you're doing good works.  You aren't, though.  So let me put your troubled minds at ease and assure you minions of what you all know is true:  that you're just shitty people who place their emotions above rational thought processes. You are all like a harried mob, looking for someone to blame and burn at the stake, because you always need to lash out when the world frightens you, so your gut instinct is to destroy anything you do not fully understand.  Because as we all know, the children demand a sacrifice, apparently.

So, in honour of a crappy and disappointing 2012 (and 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007) I'd like to wish all of you who are not nannying tyrant motherfuckers from hell a happy fucking new year, a year which I suspect will be filled with all of the regurgitated miserabilist shite of saving everyone from themselves until we all choke from the stench of it, and equally likely, hardly anyone doing or even willing to do a damn thing about it -- business as usual.

And 2013 is the year where I will no longer give one fuck about your children -- anyone's children. Because it's not my job to protect them. It's your job as a parent, and far too many parents have abdicated their responsibilities to an increasingly paternalistic socialist state that is bereft of honesty, integrity, and common decency and therefore incapable of protecting anything except its habits of corruption and controlling the lives of others. By a very large margin, your child would be safer in a large room filled with 650+ paedophiles than they are when our government tries to protect them. (I am laughing my ass off thinking about the looks on your faces after you've read that and possibly tried to imagine that scenario. Keep thinking about it, because deep down, you know I'm right.)

But the worst part about "the children" (or "protecting their innocence", which is equally galling) is that everyone has become so worried about protecting them, and to a lesser extent (but equally insidious) protecting the "womenfolk" (who Public Health advocates believes are incapable of rational thought or even being classed as an adult) that it appears that we have entirely forgotten about the adults who live in this world and what it means to be all growed-up.  The world is dangerous, cruel and unfair.  The world has never been safe; it has certainly never been safe for children. You're supposed to teach them that as they grow up.  You're supposed to warn them of the dangers.  You're supposed to gradually take away their naivety.  All so that when they do arrive at growed-up, they should know how to identify what is or may be dangerous and, one hopes for their sake, avoid things that can harm them ... maybe.  But that's not what has been happening. No, what has been happening is trying to make the world itself child-safe, which is impossible.  Throwing a sheet over the monster at best only temporarily distracts it, but its teeth and claws are still there and will make short work of you if stray too close to it, covered or otherwise.  By covering up the dangers, by attempting to hide them from your children's sight, by banning things that were always meant for adults, all you do is blind your children to the risks and put them in greater harm.  So if that's what you want for your children, if you truly want them to be unable to protect themselves as adults, then so be it. I don't care what happens to your kids any longer.  They are not my concern.

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Because Your Child Might Not Be Worth It After All