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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Plain Packs - First Day of Oral Arguments in Oz

Australia saw its first day of oral arguments against the totalitarian plain packs law.  You can read it here, if you want.  The basic argument (and I'm really simplifying it) so far is that the Australian Commonwealth is appropriating the packaging of the products of a business to promote the government's message as if it were a billboard for the government.  The argument also claims that the tobacco companies' trade mark rights are being extinguished.  These are both correct assertions.  The judges may seem to be incredibly hostile, and maybe they are (it is Australia after all --  Nanny Land), but that is also part of their job. You have to argue your case and convince them.

Here's a word cloud of the transcribed text, because life is way too short for non-legal folk to suffer through the whole text of a proceeding:
Notably absent from the text are the words "Freedom," "Adult(s)," and  "Civil Liberties."  I think this is a mistake, but then I'm not the one arguing the case...