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Friday, 6 April 2012

Display Ban Day

So, it's the 6th of April, 2012.  Good Friday it be, but what's so good about it?  If you're a fASHist or nannying tyrant, it's a great day because your dream of your fucked-up "perfect" world is one step closer to reality. That would be a totalitarian nanny state where you pretend you are free but in fact the government controls every little thing you do, drink, eat, see and buy.   They want to control what you see and hear, tell you what to think, how to think.

Pop quiz.  Who just said this (emphasis mine)?:

"So, if we can, literally, arrive at a place where young people just don't think about smoking and they don't see tobacco and they don't see cigarettes - then I hope we can make a big difference."

And this:

"We want to arrive at a place where we no longer see smoking as a normal part of life."

Don't know?  Answer: It's your pal, your buddy, your socialist in a hurry, Mr Fascism himself, it is:  Health Secretary Andrew Lansley. 

Today, big shops must hide their evil wares from the gullible children and women.  It's funny, when you think about it.  The antis always want to protect children and women from Big Tobacco.  What about adult men?  Are we not worth protecting in their world?  You never hear, "Men are easily-swayed by the lure of a cigarette packaging, so we must have plain packs."  No, what you hear is we need to protect women from smoking slim cigarettes.  What you hear is that children are stupid and gullible and will confuse a packet of Skittles with a packet of Dunhill International.

And this bitch is to blame for a lot of it:

Look how happy she is.  Happy Display Ban Day.  What a cunt.

So when we are all standing in a queue for toilet paper and a few scraps of bread, you will know it's because we allowed these nannies to dictate their lifestyles upon us.  Maybe someday we'll rise, or maybe we'll just quietly grumble and have a cup of tea -- unless they ban that, too.  Of course, first they will tax it to death.