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Sunday, 29 April 2012

At Least 593 NHS Doctors Hate You

What do some doctors think about smokers and obese folk?  From a Guardian article that appeared last night:, a professional networking site, found that 593 (54%) of the 1,096 doctors who took part in the self-selecting survey answered yes when asked: "Should the NHS be allowed to refuse non-emergency treatments to patients unless they lose weight or stop smoking?"

Honestly, docs, if that's the way you feel about a large percentage of the population, you are not helping your cause at all.  You are making us despise you, because you are hateful motherfuckers.  You are doctors for fuck's sake.  This means, and has always meant, that you treat people who are ill regardless of their lifestyle choices.  Advise, yes.  Dictate, no.

You all really ought to reconsider your stance on this issue, NHS.  Hell, even Simon Chapman thinks it is worrying, and that alone should give you pause.

I already know of one person who is being denied treatment by the NHS for being a smoker.  Remember, do not tell your doctors the truth.  Lie to them if they ask if you're a smoker.  Deny everything.  It may be the only thing that saves your life.

H/T John Tilt on Twitter, with thanks, I suppose. :)

He may look friendly, but he is not your friend. Do not trust your doctors.
image via National Hate Service