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Sunday, 8 April 2012

Non-Smokers Die Every Day

The tobacco control dickheads would like you to think that you're going to live forever.  You will hear them cry about premature deaths, preventable deaths, smoking-related deaths, and more deaths attributed to tobacco use so often that you would think that only smokers are capable of dying.  It's not true.  I know that.  You know that. Hell, even ASH knows it, but they'll still try to convince you otherwise. 

Let's consider the case of the late David Taylor MP, former chairman of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Smoking and Health.  If you missed the word "late" in the previous sentence, let me tell you now that David Taylor is dead.  He died in 2009 of a heart attack at only age 63, which is a far cry from living forever, but to be fair 63 isn't all that young either, in the sense that it's not really an "early death."  It's almost the average life-expectancy figure for men in the entire world, which is 65.  I can't find any evidence that Taylor was a former smoker, an ex-smoker, or a reformed smoker.  By all the accounts I've read, he led an active life, even exercised and stuff.  Maybe it was anti-smoking stuff that killed him...?  Is it possible?  I don't know.

So Taylor died suddenly while out for a walk.  He had a heart attack.  Tragic.  He was only 63!  How could this happen?  Better yet, how could the BHF let this happen? 

It happened because shit happens to non-smokers like shit happens to smokers.  Bill Hicks once said, "Non-smokers die every day."   Non-smokers die every day of the same diseases that smokers get. More non-smokers die each day than smokers. 

Naturally, people are always looking to blame someone or something for unexpected and expected deaths.  You've heard the mantra of the anti-smokers: "You're killing me with your smoking."   You could be trapped inside a burning building, with no chance to escape at all and only a few minutes before the flames and smoke will overcome you, and if you then decided to light up one last fag as your parting salute to this fucked-up planet, you can bet that the anti-smoker trapped with you is going to complain about it.  "You're killing me!"

And now, after years and years of anti-smoker hysteria provided by the likes of ASH and Simon Chapman, people actually believe that if they don't live to be 100, it's because at some point in their life, they were around a smoker.  Never mind ovens, grills, cars, factories, your work environment, your genetic predisposition to certain diseases, household cleaners, insect bites (yes, they can lead to immune deficiencies, which will open the door to a host of "preventable" diseases), STIs... I mean, the list goes on and on.  But no, it's smokers that are causing millions of deaths of non-smokers.

It's not true, no matter what you've been told or read. 

So, what's really happening here?  It's social-engineering and brainwashing by activist hate groups.  If you say something often enough, if you hear something often enough, it becomes true for you.  Because, hey, you're smart and intelligent. You read the papers, watch the news.  You don't need actual scientific proof to know when something is true.  You just know it, because someone told it to you.  Someone you trust to be reliable. Like the media!   Yeah, OK.  I know...

Pay attention:  They are playing on your natural fear of death to convince you to live a lifestyle that won't guarantee you any more time on this planet.  They are playing you, just like the global warming alarmists, and just like all of the politicians who enact stupid laws that restrict our liberties under the guises of protecting children or protecting us from terrorists.  And just an aside here, who is going to protect me from your children?  That's what I thought.

Did you know that the Dreadful used be a smoker?  She smoked Silk Cut.  She quit in 2003.  I don't know why.  But I can guess as to why she's an evil cow:  Self-loathing.  She probably hates herself more than she hates other smokers.  I wouldn't be surprised if she still sneaks a crafty one now and then.  And then she hates herself even more, and the cycle repeats and to atone for her sins of self-loathing, she attacks the tobacco industry, smokers, and anyone who would dare to speak out against her.  She should hate herself, not because she's a reformed smoker, but because she's a cunt.

I guess since we're talking about her and we're on the business of plain packs, we may as well extract this quote from that Guardian article I found when researching this post; an article where Dreadful explains why young kids start smoking.  Ready?  OK, here it is (emphasis mine):

"That's because [smoking is] still something that's attractive to young people, because it's still cool. If you talk to 8-, 9- or 10- year-olds, they'll be very anti-smoking. Puberty is when it happens: you're independent, you want to be cool, and you're not sure what do with your hands when you're talking to people of the opposite sex."

That's her words, in February 2010.  Nothing to do with pack designs there, it's all about what do with your hands. I'm pretty sure that pack designs didn't magically change into marketing monstrosities since then.  Let's repeat what she said:  "You're independent, you want to be cool.  You're independent and you want to be cool.  You're independent and you want to be cool.  You're--"

Wow. I feel independent and cool.  Time for a smoke, I guess.