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Complaints and Legal

If you believe something on this blog is inaccurate, improperly attributed, or in some way infringes on your copyrights or other IP that you own, then you are advised to contact the author of this blog by e-mail.  You must include a direct link to the post in question, and you must precisely state what should be corrected, edited, or otherwise removed, with all evidence in support of your claim. You must cite any law that you believe is violated, as well as provide copies of that law and/or working on-line URLs to any laws you cite.

Any correspondence, legal or otherwise, that you send to the author of this blog may be posted publicly here or elsewhere or passed to third parties to be used for criticism and educational purposes in accordance with the terms and conditions described elsewhere on this site. Do not assume your correspondence is confidential.

If you would like to complain about the tone of the content of this site, don't bother e-mailing me.  I don't care.  Use the comments section of the relevant post to complain.

If you as a person or organisation believe that I have somehow mischaracterised you or that you are somehow being harassed, trust me you aren't, because if you make comments in public, those comments can be challenged.  I am merely stating my opinion of you for making those comments.  You may, however, argue your case in the comments section.

Making improper, unjustified, and baseless threats of legal action will be met with as much derision and scorn as I can muster.  I might even laugh.