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Monday, 9 April 2012

For Whom the Bell Tolls

The 1st July 2007 sounded the death knell for adulthood in this country.

It was the day that businesses were forced to adhere to a law that harmed them and put a staggering percentage of them out of business. They were no longer allowed to make choices that suited them but rather they had to do what the government said.

It was the day that nannying do-gooders won their fight to have civil freedoms stripped from everyone who didn't agree with them. It started with smoking, it now threatens every aspect of our lives -- proposed minimum pricing on alcohol, a briefly mentioned "fat tax" which I'm sure will be revisited, the government snooping into our emails and Internet use, Nadine Dorries working tirelessly behind the scenes to change abortion laws by the back door, politicians like Andrew Lansley and Stephen Williams having no compunction about trying to ruin an industry simply because they don't like its product and believe that they have the right to dictate to us all ...

He'll be round to wipe your arse and check that your nappy is nice and tight

Tobacco is a legal product.  It probably isn't particularly good for you but then, neither are a lot of things and the only certainty in life... is death. The hypocrisy of denormalising smokers is sickening because of the massive amount of revenue tobacco generates. Government is happy to take our money and then use it club us over the heads with insane policies to get us to stop.

What next?

I would like to designate the next Bank Holiday as National Adults Day. Maybe we could have a parade through the street of every town, converge on Parliament and demand that our rights as adults are returned to us because it's not the government's fucking job to tell us how to live our lives.

Image Source: Daily Mash

Mourn, people, mourn for the death of adulthood. By allowing this appalling, draconian piece of legislation to be enforced, they will make us all children by imposing more and more idiotic laws upon us all.

That bell? It tolls for thee.