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Blog rules:

This is my blog. I will use any damn language I like -- such as, but not limited to, words like "fuck," "cunt," "asshole" and "motherfucking cocksuckers."  I concede that perhaps this choice of vernacular could alienate some sensitive readers who happen to stumble upon this wee blog.  Fuck it.  No one has the definitive right not to be offended.  I cannot possibly imagine all of what might offend you. They are words.  You can play most "bad words" legitimately in Scrabble, which I do.  Deal with it.

Terms and Conditions:

You are welcome to comment.  You may use bad words. You are free to debate and challenge viewpoints respectfully, including my own.  You may not, however, post comments designed to troll others who comment or me, nor may you post up comments that are patently racist. You will be warned if you deliberately troll with unnecessary and antagonistic comments, and if it continues I will block and ban you.  Comments are not proactively moderated, although this is subject to change at any time depending on troll activity.  All comments appearing on this blog are solely the commentator's and their appearance on this blog does not constitute acceptance of those viewpoints or opinions as my own.  By commenting, you consent to allow me to republish your comments, here or elsewhere, for the purpose of criticism or education.

You are welcome to e-mail me with private comments, complaints, suggestions, tips, typo corrections, etc., however do note that any e-mails I receive are subject to publication in full or in excerpted summary on this blog or elsewhere at my discretion.  Do not assume your e-mails are confidential.  Requests for confidentiality from the general public and blog readers will be honoured in most circumstances. Those who threaten me or attempt to censor this blog through legal action will find no quarter here.

Copyright and attribution:

When quoting any of the contents of this blog, kindly always provide a link back to the original post.  Fair use doctrines apply, however, if you wish to republish a post in its entirety, please request permission from me to do so.


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