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Thursday 12 April 2012


It is appalling how many anti-smokers want smokers to die.  Tobacco control fanatics are not interested in helping anyone but themselves; they are only interested in furthering their hate campaign against adults who smoke.  Anti-smoker propaganda is disseminated to today's children with religious fervour -- "Believe and accept our faith and everlasting life will be yours," they preach from their pulpits of faux morality.  They know that the only way forward is to socially-engineer the children to believe in hate over tolerance.  It is a relentless crusade, one that exploits a natural instinct to protect your offspring at all costs, and so the crusade goes mostly unchallenged, for who would want children to be harmed?  The result is an army of kids wearing khaki shirts who are true believers, because it is all they have ever been told.  They grow up and become unwitting participants in a culture of hate, because it is all they have ever known.

People often say that you lose an argument the moment you call someone a fascist or a Nazi.  And that may be true when it's done to end an argument you want nothing more to do with, and if you give no supporting evidence to back up that claim.  The reason people say you've lost, however, is because of the grotesque and almost unimaginable acts that happened before and during WWII.  We all know what happened.  We all know how it happened.  We even know why it happened.  Even now, few people want to talk about it or even think about it. It's repulsive. But in order to truly understand it, you need to ask some very uncomfortable questions about what people are capable of doing to other people.  You need to ask yourself those very same questions.  What are you capable of doing to support your beliefs, your causes, your crusades?

And it's an answer that is almost impossible to accept.  The truth is that some people are capable of doing anything.  Maybe most people, given the right belief system, event or circumstance.  What does that really say about us?  Are we all monsters or are we simply sheep?

There are those out there who would wish great harm on smokers.  These are people who are capable of justifying any act, no matter how terrible that act is, to support their cause.  There are no boundaries for them.  Everything and every one of us is fair game.  They will attack any one who does not believe, or who gives comfort or support to their enemies.  You shall know them by their fruits. And that fruit is ever-so-rotten.

I call it Smokercide. 

What do you call it?