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Monday 2 April 2012

Activist Doctors Are Not Really Doctors

No doubt you've already seen Dick Puddlecote's latest on government lobbying government.  Simon Clark covers it here, Chris Snowdon also has a piece about it, and the indomitable Pat Nurse weighs in and relates a personal anecdote, too.  It is absolutely maddening that taxpayers' money is being used by the NHS to lobby for plain packs, under the false pretense that it will somehow protect children.  It's complete fucking bollocks, is what it is.  If you haven't already done so, be sure to sign up for the Hands Off Our Packs campaign.  It's important that we stop the hate, lies and tell these nannies that we're not going to take it any longer.  Get angry!

Now, I want to take it all one step further.  Here's the thing:  Activist doctors are not really doctors.  Not in the truest sense of the meaning of doctor.

Real doctors care about treating and curing their patients' illnesses.  Real doctors accept that people can make their own health and lifestyle choices, for better or worse.  Real doctors will diagnose your illnesses and advise you how to be healthier, and then leave it to you to decide.  Real doctors do not waste time lobbying government.  Real doctors do not want to spend taxpayer money on lobbying government.  They want to spend that money on you.

Activist doctors don't want to treat you.  Activist doctors do not want to cure your diseases.  Activist doctors despise you and your lifestyle.  Activist doctors are lazy, technocratic busybody cunts, who are weary of seeing patients because they would rather be playing golf or having tea at the Ritz with the likes of smokerphobes such as Simon Chapman and their buddies at Big Pharma.  Activist doctors are not real doctors.  Some of them have never seen a patient.  Some have spent their entire careers as "educators" and professors, so that they can brainwash each generation of students into believing that doctors shouldn't have to treat people that they don't like.  Activist doctors have no morals -- they will lie to further their agendas of hate.  They will use your money to lie to you.  Do not trust these people. They are evil motherfuckers, all of them..

One last point.  Healthcare should not be reduced to how much it costs to treat one group of people over the other.  Anyone who does this is an awful, hateful asshole.  Period.  The NHS needs to treat all people equally, regardless of their lifestyle choices.  Now we could and should make an argument that maybe the NHS is trying to do too much -- perhaps it needs to lay off on IVF treatments and other things that it was never designed to do, let alone cope with.  But to not treat people who are ill -- that's just evil.

Really fucking evil.