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Tuesday 24 April 2012

Meet Your Democratically Elected Nannying Tyrants

If you aren't going to VOTE THEM ALL OUT -- and why aren't you? -- then at least know which ones hate smokers and are happy to parrot ASH's shite, and do not vote for them ever again.  Note that their quotations for the first few are the same - these are directly from their web sites.  Wow.  What kind of brainwashing machine does ASH own anyway?  How do we get one of those?  Do click through to all the links.  Parrots -- sheep-minions of ASH, all of them.

Anyway, despite all of my investigations I can find no evidence of collusion with Tobacco Control at all here, people.  I cannot find any evidence that their support of plain packs will benefit them in any way, either.  Obviously, their own free will is at work.  It is curious, though...  Are these really the politicians we would want to entrust our children's future with?  I wouldn't trust these people to fill a paper sack with chips. That's me, though, being kind again.

Can I ask for your help in finding more MPs who are supporting plain packs, please?  Leave a note in the comments and I'll udpate this page.  Ta! This page will be permalinked on the header of this site under "Sheep-Minions".

Here we go, in no particular order (scroll down past the bulleted list for their comments and links):

UPDATED 21 May 2013
  • Fiona O'Donnell MP - East Lothian
  • Alex Cunningham MP - Stockton North
  • Ian Mearns MP - Gateshead
  • Alison Seabeck MP - Portsmouth
  • Bill Esterson MP - Sefton Central
  • Kevin Barron MP - Rother Valley
  • Stephen Williams MP - Brixton
  • Justin Tomlinson MP - North Swindon
  • Diane Abbot MP - Hackney
  • Anne Milton - MP - Guildford
  • Dr Sarah Wollaston MP - Totnes
  • Michael Dugher MP - Barnsley East
  • Roberta Blackman-Woods MP - City of Durham
  • Dawn Primarolo MP - Bristol South
  • Caroline Lucas MP - Brighton Pavilion
  • Andrew Lansley MP - South Cambridgeshire -- (formerly the Secretary of State, Health)
  • Geoffrey Robinson MP - Coventry
  • Dr Dan Poulter MP - Central Suffolk and North Ipswich
  • Mel Stride MP - Central Devon
  • John Denham MP - Southampton, Itchen
  • Annette Brooke MP - Mid Dorset & North Poole
  • Dr Liam Fox MP - North Somerset, -- Secretary of State, Defence
  • Dan Rogerson MP - North Cornwall
  • Hilary Benn MP - Leeds Central
  • Fiona Bruce MP - Congleto
  • Lindsay Roy MP - Glenrothe
  • Iain Wright MP - Hartlepool
  • Anne McGuire MP - Stirling
  • Chris Huhne MP - Eastleigh -- Former Secretary of State, Energy and Climate Change
  • Glenda Jackson MP - Hampstead and Kilburn
  • Michael Dugher MP - Barnsley East
  • Andy Burnham MP - Leigh
  • David Burrowes MP - Enfield, Southgate
  • Dame Anne Begg MP - Aberdeen South 
  • Tom Clarke MP - Coatbridge, Chryston and Bellshil
  • Christopher Leslie MP - Nottingham East
  • Ann Coffey MP - Stockport 
  • Nicholas Dakin MP - Scunthorpe
  • Andrew Miller MP - Ellesmere Port and Neston
  • Norman Lamb MP - North Norfolk
Total Confirmed Sheep-Minions to date: 40
Total Unconfirmed Possible Sheep-Minions to date: 13

5 Feb 2013 Update Note:  Due to the increasing number of large images on this page, which was somewhat bandwidth intensive (especially for those using mobile phones / mobile Internet) I have changed the layout to an image gallery instead.  If there any issues, do let me know, but I hope you'll find it easier to use than it was.

Confirmed Sheep Minions

This image gallery shows MPs who have pledged their support for plain packaging, despite that the government supposedly has an "open mind."  To see their comments and links to the original pages, put your mouse cursor over the words "Mouse over for image description" under each photo.

Unconfirmed and Possible Sheep Minions

The following image gallery shows MPs who posed for a photo holding a plain packaging propaganda box with CRUK's ambassadors.  I have not yet confirmed if they truly support plain packs, however just posing with the plain packaging propaganda box is akin to proudly holding up a photo of Hitler, so they should all be ashamed.