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Friday 20 April 2012

The NHS Smoker-Hating Story I Cannot Yet Write About

A very reliable source has informed me of a situation where a particular NHS trust is refusing to treat Patient X because X is a smoker, and X desperately needs this treatment.  While this tale of hate is true, I cannot write about it properly yet and reveal the full details, because I need to see the evidence first, which is a letter the NHS sent to Patient X.  Without that letter, the story is merely hearsay and unfit for publication.  Sadly, it does not seem as if X is willing to give me a copy of the letter, redacted or otherwise.  X worries that if the letter goes public then the NHS will retaliate against X and obstruct any and all treatment X may require.

Well, the NHS is already obstructing X by denying X's right to healthcare.  But even though the denial of treatment is egregious and I believe illegal, what is really sad is that X is fearful of what the NHS might do.  Should we be afraid of our doctors?  I think the answer is probably "yes."  X's fear could be unfounded or misguided, but still... what does that say about the current culture of hate and fear our government has been using against its own citizens if someone honestly believes there will be retaliation for letting people know the truth about the NHS? We should not be fearful of our doctors. They should be our allies!

I am still trying to get my source to convince Patient X to provide a copy of the letter X received.  If I do get that, I will write about it. 

In the meantime, if you are a smoker, then you need to be very suspicious and careful when you speak to your GPs.  In fact, I'm going to advise you here and now to lie to your GPs and nurses.  Do not tell them you are a smoker.  If your local surgery gives you a slip of paper that asks how much you smoke and how much you drink, do not fill in that information. You are not obligated to do so.  I know this because I have refused to fill it in and I have not suffered any consequences for it when I registered at a new surgery.  If you are speaking with your GP or a nurse and they ask if you drink or smoke, tell them you do not.  They will use this information against you.  Do not think that being honest with your GP is in your best interest.  It is not.

Because if you don't lie to them, they will refuse treatment.  I would also advise finding a solicitor / barrister who would be willing to sue the NHS on a no-win no-fee basis if you are refused treatment. On the other hand, good luck with that search.

One final important point to make.  I was reading Mark Wadsworth's blog this morning and I saw this "Reader's Letter of the Day" post.  It is yet another case of people saying that smokers and drinkers and eaters do not deserve health care.  We often rebut with facts and figures about how much tax we pay for our lifestyle choices.  That's fine, but it's the wrong way to look at it. 

The correct way to look at and respond is this:

Any person or organisation that would deny healthcare to any group of people is a hateful motherfucker.  Any person or organisation that would look at not treating people solely based on its costs is a hateful motherfucker. They are Nazis. They are worse than Nazis.  The NHS should either treat everyone equally, or we get rid of socialised healthcare altogether and go to private care.  This is not saying that the NHS should not find ways to reduce unnecessary expenditures and costs, because there is so much waste going on it's hard to fathom.  But we should not allow those to use costs of treating smokers or drinkers as an excuse to justify any legislation or denial of treatment.  You should call them Nazis.  You should call them Fascists

You should call them what they truly are:  Cunts.

This hateful hag named Amanda hates smokers

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