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Tuesday 10 April 2012

Love and Tolerance or Hate?

Once you start exposing the hate and intolerance that is out there, it is inevitable that people will call you a hater in response.  Here's a good one by @ulieichhorn, who "Loves things digital & print. Plus travelling, photography, nature, environment/sustainability," but apparently that love doesn't extend to people like me and possibly all smokers because she wants me to die soon:

Hey, Uli.  I'm not the one doing the hating here.  I have not and never will advocate for anyone to die.  I don't want Simon Chapman to die any time soon - I hope he can live for as long as he wants to live.  I only want for everyone to live their lives as they see fit for themselves. What I do not want is people telling me how to live my life and then legislating it.  And that's what this blog is about. It's not about hate. It's about calling out the hate and intolerance by the people who say they care about people so much that they want them to die soon.  Do you see my point? 

Now, I do not mind name-calling so much.  Simon can call me a splenetic miscreant whenever he wants to do so.  In fact, I fully support free speech, even negative speech about me.  I wouldn't dare try to censor someone's opinion of me or anyone simply because I do not agree with it.  I would challenge it openly.  I even support Simon's right to educate people against smoking, particularly educating young kids who have no business smoking at all.  You will find that most pro-smokers feel exactly the same way.  For example, Pat Nurse said to Amanda Sanford: "I do admire the work that you’ve done in helping to protect children from my generation and my children’s generation."  I have never met anyone who wants kids to smoke. 

So, if any anti-smokers out there want to guest post on this blog to have your say, I'm 100% all for that.  Get your views out there, and let them be challenged.  Feel free to contact me, or write in the comments.  Say your piece, people. But we can please stop the fucking hope-you-die-soon hate towards people who do not choose to live the same lifestyle as you? 

Because hoping that I die soon is pretty fucking hateful, Uli.

Just saying.  Give it some thought.