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Tuesday 17 April 2012

The Art of Bad Parenting

I've been trying to think of an easy way to break it to all of the parents out there who support plain packs and the display ban and every thing else that government wants to keep your young, gullible kids safe from, but I cannot.  How do you tell someone that they are a shitty parent?  It's not easy, particularly when they don't mean to be shite parents.  I would expect some abuse, both verbal and physical, if I tried.  Sometimes it is best to avoid unnecessarily telling people that they are stupid and that they need to think through things and not let their emotions guide their decisions.

But isn't it always best to tell the truth? I mean, you might think that not telling the truth means you are protecting their feelings.  Decent people don't go out to deliberately hurt people.  Yet who are you really protecting?  You or them?  Maybe both to be fair.  So you might keep your opinion quiet to keep the peace. 

Sometimes the truth hurts.  Because it's true.  And few people can accept criticism.  Certainly not dickheads like Simon Chapman.  Of course it is all right for him to call people stupid, to accuse them of having no morals or being a stooge, because he's an evil, bitter nanny-tyrant, and tyrants do what they like.  He is the bane of freedom and civil liberties.  He is...  I digress. 

Here's the truth, parents.  If you, as a parent, let the government decide what is best for your child, or if you let the government tell your child what is acceptable and what is unacceptable, then you are not doing your job as a parent. Your children are your responsibility. You do not get to delegate that responsibility.  You should never abdicate your responsibility to the government, because government will gladly take it from you and won't give it back.  Are you incapable of teaching your children what is right or wrong? These are your kids.  You have to raise them unless you're completely incompetent.  Don't let the state raise your children -- certainly not the nanny state.  Government will blindfold your kids to keep them protected.  The result is that your kids will be unable to make their own best choices, and unable to know when they've made the wrong choices. It will be your fault.

So if you want the government to take control of your kids, of your life, your responsibilities to educate your kids about the real world, then go ahead.  If you believe that your kids will be attracted to shiny cigarette packets, and that the only way to stop your gullible children from even trying cigarettes is to take away the pack designs and replace them with horrible, grotesque pictures, that's your choice.  But do not cry out how unfair it is when they do the same to alcohol, chocolate bars and candy, video games, coffee, fast food and everything else that someone says is harmful.  Because it will happen.  This I promise you.  They will stop at nothing to enforce their belief systems on you. 

Hey, you love your kids, of this I have little doubt, and you would do anything to keep them safe.  Right?  But do know this:  If you believe the hateful deception and evidence-lacking propaganda from the likes of Deborah Arnott and other tobacco control fanatics, and you support plain packs and the display ban because you want to keep your kids safe, then it means you are a shitty parent.  Sorry, there is no easy way to say it.  You have failed your children, and they will suffer greatly for it when they grow up.  Your kids deserve better.