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Saturday 7 April 2012

Simon Chapman is a Petty, Hateful Bastard

Like a vicious herpes infection, or a stinking, floating turd that just won't be flushed, Simon Chapman won't go away.  To say Simon Chapman is a petty, hateful bastard is being way too kind.  This man is quite possibly the root of all evil in modern society.  He is the father of the plain packs campaign -- a hateful, spiteful, tyrannical ploy designed to torment tobacco companies and smokers equally.  Rest assured, Simon Chapman hates you.

When he's not sucking on the government money-teat, Simon Chapman likes to use Twitter to promote his vile, hateful views.  What passes for hilarious japes in the anti-smoker circles these days?  Let's see:
Simon says, "what pro-smoking group members buy their kids"
What a fucking twat!
I suppose Simon Chapman thinks being a hateful cunt is funny.  It isn't.

We will revisit Simon's hate campaigns another time.  For now, let it be known that the tobacco control group, every single last one of them -- yes, all of those nannying motherfuckers from hell -- they probably think you pro-smokers are all child abusers and paedophiles and murderers.  Which is kind of odd, the paedo thing, because it ain't us pro-smokers who are out there working with children every chance we get, using those "gullible" children to protest at rallies and so on.

Hmm...  time for a little investigating, methinks.