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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Is it Plain or Standardised Now?

Just a quick note today.

I've finished creating and writing 17 blog posts for whilst I'm away on holiday. They are titled "What We Are Fighting For" followed by the post number, e.g. "What We Are Fighting For - 1 of 17."   They will start this Friday evening, with a new post each day published at 7:00 p.m. British Summer Time (2:00 p.m. EST).  I think some of you will really enjoy these posts, especially some of the "bonus comics" and other images I've created.  It was a lot of work, but I feel it was worth it.  It is my sincerest hope the posts both educate and inspire you -- these posts are the perfect example of how to use propaganda.

With apologies to those who use their mobile phones to view my blog, you might find that these 17 posts are a bit bandwidth-tastic due to the number of high-resolution images in the posts (absolutely necessary). Although I've done my best to mitigate that by making use of Imgur's photo album functionality.  So if you're using a mobile phone, and you're worried about your data transfer limit, you may want to instead read the posts from your PCs at home.

Speaking of images, I made a new graphic for your viewing pleasure.  It's subtly layered in on one of the comics I've created, but I think it deserves to be highlighted on its own.

And that above is a spoof of this image.

I simply find it ludicrous that our taxpayer money was spent on the "Plain Packs Protect" campaign, and I find it even more reprehensible that they then decided later to call them "Standardised Packs" or "Standard Packs" instead.  It was muppets like The Root of All Evil and some twats in Canada who came up with "Plain Packaging" for tobacco products based on generic goods in supermarkets.

And then when tobacco companies rightly challenged the public health nutjobs with adverts in British newspapers, well the anti-smokers didn't like that one bit. "But the packs aren't plain!" they wailed. "They're colourful! Big Tobacco is being deceptive and misleading."

Well, get fucked Tobacco Control Industry.  I've got your number, and I'm calling you out as the hateful fucking cunts that all of you are.

Anyway, stay tuned for Friday evening when the fun begins. They start off a bit mild and gentle, and get more fun as they progress. Trust me. I know what I'm doing. ;)