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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

What We Are Fighting For - 6 of 17

What We Are Fighting For - What We Don't Want to Lose - The British Way of Life vs The Socialist Way of Life
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From Picture Post Magazine, July 13, 1940, pp 18-19
[...] So, though German people sit down to fatless meals, though parents must censor their own dinner-table conversation lest their children report them to authorities, though Germany's economy can only be kept going by complicated barter, that sends, say, German guns to Spain, Spanish oranges to Sweden, Swedish ore to Essen, most Germans still feel that between the Fatherland and another 1918 stands Adolf Hitler. Herr Schmidt pays a high price for that feeling. A terribly exorbitant price.

Suppose you could visit one of the tenements in the Berlin working-class suburbs of Wedding, Neuk├Âlln, Moabit, or the Weddings, Neuk├Âllns, Moabits anywhere in the Reich. Suppose you could talk about conditions quite freely without fear of the Gestapo, to hear Factory-worker Schimdt over a pint of beer. Suppose you were discussing with him labour in Germany before and after Hitler. What is the difference that stands out a mile? First, that under the Nazis, Labour is no longer organised into trade unions.

Whatever else Hitler struck at -- preachers, teachers, intellectuals -- he struck at the organised workers first. For on May 2, 1933, the very day after "his" first May Day and less than two months after he had tricked his way into power, Hitler broke the great trade union movement of Germany, with its six million membership. Storm Troopers invaded all the union offices -- as well as those of the Socialist Party and the Co-operatives -- they arrested, beat, even murdered any officials who resisted (the Communists had already been similarly dealt with months before). They confiscated all the available property and funds -- the collected savings over many decades of millions of German workers. The loot was tremendous; the powerful Metal Workers' Union alone lost forty-two million marks -- over two million pounds. And out of the ashes of the democratic unions arose -- the Labour Front, the common Nazi organisation for workers and employers.

The Labour Front, meant to replace the unions, is actually under a constitutional prohibition from interfering with either wages or labour conditions. Moreover, the Minister of Labour has often issued decrees warning Labour Front officials not to interfere with the employers in any way. Warier German workers, hearing so much about "German Socialism" from Labour Front Leader Dr. Ley, are apt to remember the old days of Dinta -- The Deutsche Institut Technische Arbeitseinsatz. Dinta was the employers' organisation for the development of rationalisation, for the speed-up of production by stop-watch and conveyor belt. [...]

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Jay's thoughts:  Although I'll come to it in a later post, the "parents must censor their own dinner-table conversation lest their children report them to authorities" is so apt today -- is it not?  How many organisations are conscripting our children and trying to use them against those children's own parents?  Dozens and dozens. Parents are afraid to smoke around their own children, or even let their children know that they smoke. Social services will consider it child abuse.  Adoptions are impossible for smoking potential parents, and foster carers must be free from nicotine these days. Pregnant women are to be tested for cotinine to measure if they are smokers -- and what happens if they fail that test?  Children are regularly given cotinine tests in schools, as required by the Department of Health for its Health Surveys.  Socialists in our modern-day Britain are using our own children against us.  Liverpool has its D-MYST youth group, an organisation of hate run by kids wearing white drama masks to hide their identity.  ASH Wales has its own youth group, and of course ASH London and FRESH, to name only a few, regularly recruit young children as placard-waving activists for protesting outside of tobacco companies offices or annual stockholder meetings, or to send letters to MPs that one wonders whether the child actually wrote or if somebody in tobacco control had written for the child.

This is what is socialism is -- this is what socialism does to a country and its people. This is fascism -- and it's here, right now in modern-day Britain, and in America, and in Australia particularly.  We may have won the war against Hitler last century, but his beliefs about controlling the people -- now modified, distilled, and slightly sanitised for political correctness in this new age --  live on unfettered in the minds of far too many people, particularly those in Public Health, as well as in our mainstream press.