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Monday, 3 June 2013

Plain Bottles, Cans and Pint Glasses

One can never be absolutely certain, but it certainly seems that just about every last person working in public health* is a moron.

(*Not including those who work in communicable disease prevention -- which is a noble job that almost nobody gives a shit about until some disease runs rampant.)

How many times have you seen these muppets say "Tobacco is unique. There is no other product like it." to justify any of the thousands of dumb-ass laws that they lobby for on daily basis?  A billion squared?  Evidently, nobody working in the "control" industries within public health is corresponding with another, or even those bizarre pseudo-journalists called "health correspondents" or similar, because ... guess what? They're again calling for plain packaging restrictions for alcohol.

Under the dubious and sensationalised headline of "Irish drinking 700 percent over recommended safe alcohol level at risk of cancers" the Irish Central paper reports (emphases mine):
"[...] Kathleen O’Meara, ICS head of advocacy said, “From a public health perspective, this needs to be managed and controlled, and that marketing tool needs to be taken away from alcohol companies in a similar way that the introduction of plain packaging for cigarettes has deprived tobacco companies of the ability to spread their message.” 
 So, there are a few take-home lessons here.

1.  Tobacco is not unique.

2.  The "Slippery Slope" is a full-on avalanche of prohibitionist hate towards everything and everybody who doesn't want to be immortal.

3.  They be coming for yo' fags, yo' booze and everythin' else, plebs.

4. Journalists are aiding and abetting the prohibitionists at every opportunity. DO NOT TRUST JOURNALISTS -- most of them are simply copying and pasting from press releases, which makes them unreliable sources of news and, well, shitty people for deceiving us with this propaganda every fucking day.

5.  Kathleen O'Meara is probably* a prohibitionist nutjob who also failed the public health tobacco control industry's denormalisation course where you're only allowed to say that tobacco is unique.

Kathleen O'Meara - Prohibitionist? Nutter? On the outs with Tobacco Control fuckpuppets? Who knows.
(*you decide what she is... I mean, I have my opinion ... it's not particularly flattering.)

This is yet another reason why we have fought against plain packs for tobacco, and must continue to fight.  Because if they -- they being the fuckpuppets of public health -- win that war, then it's fair game for everything else. It will happen, if we let it happen. Since none of us have the power to exile people to Australia, where they -- the fuckpuppets -- can live out their meaningless existences safe from the rest of the world, guided by the holy lights of Professor Simon Chapman and that other guy, Mike Daube.

I don't know about you, but I think a plain packaged world will be rather dull. I'd rather be surrounded with dangerous, child-tempting trade marks and logos than to look at whatever sort of "standardised" packaging for bottles, cans, and pint glasses that the likes of Kathleen O'Meara can dream up.  If she dreams -- she could be a malfunctioning robot, since she obviously didn't get the firmware update and subroutines that declare, endlessly, that ...