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Monday, 20 August 2012

In an Alternate Reality or Parallel Universe

I'm a bit of a sci-fi geek, I admit.  Enough so that I don't even call it "sci-fi" but rather "science fiction."  I'm a science fiction snob, I suppose. 

Nevertheless, personal shortcomings aside, I'd like to believe that there are alternate realities or parallel universes.  For instance, in an alternate reality, there are no smoking bans, and there is no one trying to inflict plain packs on a gullible, misinformed population. People are free to do what they like. Somewhere in another existence separate from our own, we are not being denormalised by nannying tyrant arsewipes who think they know what's best for everyone on the planet.

This is our not world, though. In our world there are arsewipes aplenty. 

But what if ... what if in another realm, an alternate reality, a parallel universe where all things are as they should be... what if one particular arsewipe actually tweeted this about himself*:

*This is not real and was not tweeted in our world -- it's a spoof. But what if it had been tweeted in alternate reality?
I want to believe.