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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Don't Say Plain Packs Don't Work?

There's a new anti-nanny state, libertarian blog on these here interwebs.  Unlike the wild west of America, there's always room for another sheriff blogger in this town.  The blog is Hell Nanny.

The very first post is about plain packs and I find it quite interesting, because a) I think Virginia has made a valid point in that saying "there is no evidence" isn't working particularly well for opponents of plain packs (although in the comments Carl Phillips points out that evidence-based arguments are still necessary), and b) that we need to focus on fighting the culture of nanny statism if we're ever going to get anywhere. For example:
Arguing that there's no evidence that plain packs/hidden tobacco displays/smoking bans in public places will lead to fewer people taking up smoking or more people quitting smoking is playing into their hands as it accepts that this is necessarily a good thing, again without communicating the real danger - that we're stepping closer and closer to having our lives micro-managed and our personal choices removed.
Also, Virginia uses the term "nannying tyrants" to describe the health nazis out there who are ruining our lives and happiness and stealing our freedoms, so that use pleases me greatly for obvious reasons.

So, why not have a read for yourself and draw your own conclusions?  Do you agree? Disagree?  Comment over there and let Virginia know. Bloggers typically love real comments from people who aren't trolling. 

And for Hell Nanny, here's your welcome badge to the wide world of anti-nanny blogging. We wish you the very best!

Anti-Nanny Deputy Sheriff Badge
Yeah, I know it's lame. If I had any photoshop skills, I'd have edited it, but I don't.