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Thursday, 23 August 2012


Sometimes change is good. So come the 1st of September, in honour of CRUK's morons in paper bags, I will be changing the blog's name to:

That Hitler Blog

Nah, I'm joking.

But I will be changing the name by removing the "Citizens United against" bit.  From the 1st, this blog's name will be "Nannying Tyrants."  I know some of you will be disappointed, as you quite like the acronym.  I like it too. I think it's funny. However, the name change was always part of the plan (thus the URL as

If I'm on your blog roll as Citizens United against Nannying Tyrants, you may wish to update it to only Nannying Tyrants.  I think most of you have me down as Nannying Tyrants anyway. Or you can leave it as is. I don't mind.

One thing that will never change here is NO ADVERTISING. There will be no adverts and no promotions of others' products. I will never try to sell you anything here on this blog. Also, I will never ask you to donate money to me, nor will I take any business's money to write anything. I am nobody's stooge. I'm a not part of any "front groups." I am definitely not a "front individual."  I write this blog as a private, independent and liberty-minded person who is really fucking tired of the nanny state and its agents of hate interfering with my life.

Also, I really need your help in keeping the Sheep Minions page updated and current.  If you're aware of any British MP who is openly supporting plain packaging and they aren't already on this page, please leave me a comment with a link to the web page or twitter comment with that statement, or feel free to contact me privately.  I also plan to start an plain packs opposition page per Pat Nurse's recommendation, so if you know of any MPs who have said they won't support plain packs, please leave a link to the page.

So, that's about it really.  For my fellow gamer friends and readers who like on-line shooters, I leave you with this image, courtesy of

There is humour to be found in just about everything.