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Thursday, 7 June 2012

Rejected Plain Packs Campaign Slogans

Perhaps you've seen the slogan "The Answer is Plain" when it comes to the tobacco control industry's latest attempt to denormalise human beings.  But did you know there were other campaign slogans that were considered and rejected?  This blog received an anonymous e-mail from someone claiming to be an insider at a marketing agency in central London.  We cannot confirm the authenticity of the below slogans, and we have no evidence that the insider is genuine.
  • Your kids are gullible and so are you.

  • Good enough for communism, good enough for us.

  • Protect Children by Supporting Plain Packs. Because we can't kill people who smoke . . . yet.

  • Your children don't listen to you, but we'll make them listen to us.

  • One way or another, this is going to happen. Deal with it.

  • We spend your tax, you get Plain Packs. Bargain.

  • This one time, at band camp . . .

  • You believed in Global Warming, so you'll believe this!

  • Shiny cigarette packs can cause blindness.

  • If you can't teach your kids, we will.

  • What would Jesus do?

  • There are worse things than smoking, but who cares?

  • Would we lie to you?

  • We don't want women and children to smoke. Screw men.

  • The only thing scarier than that creepy guy at the park is a cigarette pack.

  • Give us your children, we'll give you compliance.

  • Cannabis would be better than tobacco.

  • We tried to do plain automobiles, we settled for this instead.