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Friday, 1 June 2012

Big Tobacco Control's Latest Crap Already In Play - Updated

Time is always against us, so I will be brief.  Please read Simon Clarke's latest post about how Big Tobacco Control all of a sudden feels intimidated by ... er ... bloggers ...   and do feel free to comment there -- polite language is preferred there.  This tactic is right out of the WHO's latest playbook, and of course the media will eat it up. So of course we'll have to blog even more about it. I hope to write more on this tomorrow when I have more time.

Updated: here's the Guardian piece saying that my fellow bloggers are intimidating tobacco control. Disingenuous fuckers...

Look, Mummy! A blogger told the truth about Tobacco Control's hateful ways.
WAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!  .... Hold me. *sniffle*