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Friday, 15 June 2012

Further Fuelling the Hate

It had to happen eventually.  Hell, it's probably happened many times before. The Jerusalem Post reports that [someday] "cigarette merchants will be tried for crimes against humanity."  In one stunning piece, Amos Hausner compares "the tobacco epidemic" to the holocaust, Nazis, Hitler and slavery:
A 2011 book with the title comparing tobacco to "a holocaust" called for its abolition, a term that was used in mid-19th century America, when slavery was legal, regarded as economically beneficial and widely supported in the South. But just a few years later, slavery was completely abolished – as if it never happened. The same, said Hausner to much applause, can happen with smoking.

“Today, we are in the midst of an irreversible process that will lead to the termination of organized tobacco,” he said.

“The environment will be completely tobacco-free. This is what people all over the world want.”

So tell us again the reason why can't we use Nazi references if the tobacco control industry can use them against smokers and tobacco companies?  Just remember this article the next time someone says that we are or have offended anyone's religious and cultural sensitivities by comparing tobacco control to Nazis.

Do read the whole article and be wondrously dumbfounded.