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Thursday, 28 June 2012

Consumers Launch Tobacco Control Tactics Wiki

How angry have smokers become over being marginalised in debates that affect their lives, and by constantly being denigrated by the Tobacco Control Industry? Angry enough to start a wiki war?  You bet.  So today we see that unfunded, grass-roots consumers have launched their own wiki called Tobacco Control Tactics.

From the beginning of the press release:

No, The Debate is NOT Over. No, The Science is NOT Settled.

Adult consumers are fighting back against the actions of and the unfounded allegations made by the Tobacco Control Industry which are ruining lives, damaging health and trashing the economy.

Unfunded and unsupported grassroots members of consumer organisations across the world have cooperated in creating the Tobacco Control Tactics Wiki which challenges the claims and tactics used by the recently unveiled University of Bath’s Tobacco Tactics website.
This is an excellent response to UBath's wiki, which was partly funded by taxpayer money and from donations from so-called charities.  I would have liked to have contributed to TC Tactics wiki, but unfortunately I had to spend time doing other things and before I knew it the wiki was done. So I would really like to thank those people who devoted hours and hours and hours of their free time to make it possible.

Also for more background info you may wish to read Pat's take on it