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Thursday, 3 May 2012

This One Goes Out To The Root of All Evil

I'll be brief.  This is not an argument:

Right there, Root of All Evil.  Here's the thing:  Illegal drugs are already illegal.  Nobody is or would argue that illegal anythings should be "fancy packed."  Because that's not the point. Not that people would mind if drugs were in fancy packaging. They would probably love it.

The issue is about demand, about the product that consumers actually want; it is not about packaging.  The issue is that people care about the product itself.  Which is why smokers are saying that they don't care what the packaging is for their brand, they just want the cigarettes. You know as well as I do that your "argument" doesn't hold water.  To use your logic, you would have never tweeted the above if you didn't think you needed to defend your bullshit position.  Ergo, if you have to defend your position, then the point about drugs being plain packaged and still popular is valid.  It's the same argument you use against tobacco companies -- "if it wouldn't work, why are tobacco companies fighting against it?"

What you are doing is a petty, spiteful attack against tobacco companies, retailers (to make it more difficult for them) and your attack is against smokers.  We know what you are doing.  We know you're a hateful fucker with no integrity or honesty.  We know all about people like you.  I am not fighting for tobacco companies. I am, as someone who has worked in intellectual property for years, fighting for the legal right for companies to brand their very legal goods.  I am fighting against tyrants like you, dickhead.

So, since you needed to defend against my assertion that drugs are plain packaged and people still want them, I'm going to take this as one more win for me, one more loss for you. I can play your game as well as you can, fuckface. Go play with your fish.  We have had enough of you.  You are a bitter nanny-tyrant busybody and we don't need people like you telling us what we should and should not do.

Kind regards,