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Thursday 24 May 2012

How Much Is One Life Worth?

The anti-smoker hate crusade loves to promulgate that smokers and smoking-related illnesses (whatever that means) cost the NHS billions of pounds.  The intent of this con-trick is to make small-minded non-smoking taxpayers despise those who choose to smoke, as if smokers are somehow stealing your money and socialised healthcare thus degrading your quality of life, and ultimately sustaining the tireless hate campaign against people whose lifestyle does not conform with their agenda of extermination.   While we can all some of us can agree that smokers pay far more in taxes than what tobacco control claims the NHS spends on smoking-related illnesses, I have said before that anyone would use the costs of treating one group of people over another is detestable. It is indefensible.  It is inhumane.

Yet I wonder . . .

How much is  just one life worth to groups like the NHS, CRUK, BHF, Fresh, and ASH?  We know how much they have spent on degrading smokers recently. We have seen their ad campaigns, and their patently false propaganda using children to deceive the public into supporting plain packs. So, spending money is not a problem for them. I would like to know how much would any of these groups pay to get just one person to quit smoking and "save a life" as it were.  Do they really care about people quitting smoking?  How about my life?  How much am I worth? 

Let us find out:

My Quit Smoking Pledge

Dear All Tobacco Control and Health Charity Organisations,

I hereby promise to quit smoking forever if you are willing to voluntarily pay me only £200,000.  The money may come from one organisation, or it may be pooled from any number of tobacco control organisations -- I leave the logistics and details to you.  Is my life worth that much to you?  I believe that I am worth even more, because every life is precious and invaluable. Correct? But £200k seems a fair trade off for something I love to do. And I will miss it terribly.

As a bonus, upon receipt of your payment, I will even give up blogging about tobacco control and civil liberties, save for one final post praising your compassion for humanity, apologising for all the things I have written, and then I will delete all other posts and comments on this blog. I will even allow you to test me annually or semi-annually to confirm that I have indeed quit smoking. I do not require any NRT or cessation help.  I can do this alone.

If you have any other pre-conditions, please let me know.  You may contact me here.

Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.

Kind regards,