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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Paymasters & Hyperhypocrisy

I never understood why people (particularly anti-smokers) get so worked up about tobacco companies' funding of groups who support pro-tobacco/smoker policies.  The allusion they make is that these groups or individuals are somehow tainted.  You could make an argument for bias when it comes to research, sure, but no the implications from the twats in tobacco control and their supporters are that these people have taken money and that makes them evil.

But where does that all of that evil tobacco money come from?  Tobacco companies aren't stealing it from the wealthy or from banks; they are not getting any taxpayer money.  There are no fund-raising campaigns or charities set up to give tobacco companies money.  There are no tobacco company bailouts. Then it must be that tobacco companies get their money just like any other legal business out there.  They sell products that people want to buy.

So if consumers are freely giving their money to tobacco companies in a legal exchange for goods, how is that evil exactly?  It's not evil.  And if the tobacco companies then decide to take some of their profit and share it with other groups who support consumers' rights, how is that evil exactly?  It's not evil.  It's called a free market.  It's called freedom and liberty.  Unless your a communist, socialist or bizarrely anti-capitalist Lib Dem for instance, I really don't see that being remotely evil.

What I also don't understand is how anyone can think it's a good idea to use taxpayer money to fund campaigns of hate against consumers who are not acting illegally.  We know that tobacco control groups get government grants and other monies, all of which are entirely funded by the taxpayer.  The NHS is funding its smoke-free hate campaigns exclusively with your money, and yet they claim they have no money to treat the genuinely ill and then deny them treatment. Where's the outrage?  Politicians are wasting our money on whatever pet projects they have, all of them absolutely fucking useless to anyone except for the businesses that profit from the new laws, and the nannying motherfuckers out there are then complaining about a private business giving a tiny percentage of their profits to supportive groups? 

Hyperhypocrisy is what this is, my little starfishes. And seriously, what the hell does "paymaster" really mean anyway?  Is that some sort of neo-communist / anti-capitalist slur intended to be reminiscent of imperial slave trading?  Because it fails to impress if that's the best you can do.  Look: If you work, you expect to get paid for it.  Simple as.  Basic economics.  Unless of course you're sucking on the government money-teat and then it's perfectly acceptable to steal taxpayers' money to promote an agenda of hate against a group of people who choose a different lifestyle than you. 

I really don't get people most of the time.  There are too many sheep out there who are utterly incapable of thinking things through for themselves. They truly do want other people to think for them.  Maybe that's a form of bliss, but it's a pathetic way to live life.  At best all they can do is feel hate, which they think is compassion. And because you let the government tell you what to think, it won't be long before Big Government comes after your lifestyles next.  The nannies will not be sated until we are all back to living in caves and picking off the ticks embedded into our flesh; suffering and freezing with no electricity or heating to speak of and certainly no smokey fires; hungry for want of food for half of the year when nothing grows; and certainly no pleasures at all.  You need to stop thinking on the basis of your emotions and start thinking with reason and logic, sheep-minions.  They are coming for you and yours next.

Last question:  Who is the bigger danger -- Big Tobacco or Big Government?  I'll give you hint.  It's the one that takes your money by threat of force, duress and imprisonment. 

Note: I'm too lazy today to link to anything out there in support of the above.  It's not like I'm getting paid for this at all.  Because I'm not being paid to write this.  I do it only because it needs to be said.  I have no special interests except for my own freedom and liberty, and yours to be honest.