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Monday, 28 May 2012

Monday Madness

Here are a few things to start your day and annoy you.

We are the 75%

The Independent reports that one-quarter of Britons would cheerfully buy stolen goods from that guy down at the pub. A little over 2000 people were surveyed -- is that even a statistically significant sample in order to make the bold claim that 25% of us are criminals?  From a population of over 62 million, 2000 people equals about 0.000035%.  I mean, we're not even in the 1% range at all.  But it gets better. Who took part in the survey?

The research was undertaken by home insurer LV= and involved interviews with burglary victims and convicted thieves.

So let me get this straight.  Setting aside the criminals who are probably exaggerating, as they are wont to do, the others are people who have had their stuff nicked and I would imagine they are pretty fucking livid.  Perhaps they're off out to the pub to see if they can recover their stolen goods, and in a fit of rage and despair for lack of finding their trusty iPod, iPad, iPhone or anything else that begins with a lowercase letter "I", they end up buying a bottle of Chanel perfume as a consolation gift for themselves.  At least they will smell pretty.  Nice research there, LV=.  Now, if they had interviewed little old ladies at Sunday Service and got the same result, then that would have been something. Eh?  In any case, the headline is misleading.  It should read "Quarter of Britons Surveyed Would Buy Stolen Goods."  That is more accurate.  Also, not one mention of illicit tobacco in that article. I'm shocked. Truly.  And annoyed.

"There Is Something Very Wrong With This Country" - Dick Puddlecote

Pretty much everything DP has been posting up lately is making me very annoyed and angry.  From how the plain packs consultation is rigged; how the evidence is also rigged; and now this good, short piece of investigative journalism of a little incestuous chicanery for ASH Wales via the Lottery Fund.  Not quite a million pounds, but close enough.  Will the mainstream media report this? No it will not. Does the public care that the money they spend on lottery tickets is being used for hate campaigns?  Probably not.  Everything tobacco control does is shady and deceitful.  Let us not forget that the British Heart Foundation also gives ASH money for ASH's salaried positions of hate.  They're all in it together, all plotting to take more of our money each day so they can legislate your lifestyles and get rich off their hate.  I do hope I live long enough to see some kind of reckoning against all of these motherfuckers from hell. But I'm a smoker, which means I should be dead from cancer within the next hour or so. Nice knowing you all.

Across The Pond

California is a hotbed of anti-smoker hate campaign activism. It always has been, no thanks to people like dickhead Stanton Glantz.  But after banning smoking in people's own apartments, now we see the hate extending outside with this outdoor smoking ban in San Jose, where some twit named Margot Sidener says "“Breathing should not be a hazard of everyday life."  Of course breathing is a hazard in San Jose.  Jesus, lady. Does you even live on the same planet as us? Have you ever seen San Jose?  It's the third-largest city in California and tenth-largest in all of the U.S. It's not exactly untouched prairie land, you know?  There are two fucking airports right there in the middle of it all, not to mention all that traffic during rush hour, you daft bint.  Car emissions, jet plane emissions -- heh, these things are good for you. No hazard at all there.  Tiny whiffs of burning tobacco, that will kill you in under one minute, probably two. Annoying? You bet.

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