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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Popehat: Citizen Incredulity And Law Enforcement Reality

You may have noticed Popehat in my blogroll list.  The reason why it is there is because Ken, who is a lawyer and former prosecutor in the U.S., says things like this in respect of our apathy of a police or nanny state:
And we allow it all. We put up with it. We don't demand that politicians take it seriously. We continue, as a society, to welcome law-and-order pablum from our leaders, and from our insipid if-it-bleeds-it-leads fear-profiteering media

What the fuck is is wrong with us?

That is a most excellent question.  What the fuck is wrong with all of us?  I think the answer is: It's apathy.

Our apathy leads to incredible abuses and losses of civil liberties.  For years I have struggled to come to terms with society's apathy.  I still struggle, to be honest.

I'm not charismatic enough to inspire people to take back their freedoms. I truly wish I were. I can't even inspire most of the people who already have the same viewpoints as I do.  I would like to inspire you, even just a little.  And it fucking grates to see people give up the battle before it has even been fought, because they believe they are going to lose regardless.  So what if we lose?  We will certainly lose if we don't even try to fight.  I'd rather lose having fought the battle than to be an apathetic cheese-eating surrender monkey.

Apathy is killing us.  And I'm really fucking tired of it.

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