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Monday, 28 May 2012

Of Course Tobacco is Unique - Redux

Via Angela Harbutt on Twitter and the Irish Times, we can once again see that there is no other product on the planet as uniquely capable for harming consumers as tobacco.  Not buying that?  Neither am I.  Now alcohol companies are under threat to have their advertising and sponsorship taken away in Ireland.  Won't be long before plain bottles, because that will be the last "loophole" of marketing to close.  Let's have a quick peek at some quotes:
Referring to the research, Mr McConalogue said “alcohol abuse has become a cancer in our society in recent years” and he demanded to know the Government’s response to the report and what it would do to address the problem.
That one is particularly good. It's got the word "cancer" in it. That ought to be enough. But no, it is not enough. It's never enough. He demands government to address it. 
The report also said alcohol marketing led to young people starting to drink at a younger age and drinking more. And 16-21-year-olds “list alcohol advertisements as five of their top 10 favourite advertisements”.
Fucking-A. Sold on that one -- it is just like CRUK's shocking, shocking, SHOCKING video. If kids like it, then clearly it should be banned.  One last quote:
Mr McConalogue highlighted the cost of alcohol-related illness in Ireland at €1.2 billion in 2007 and alcohol-related crime cost €1.19 billion that year. Alcohol abuse was responsible for 2,000 hospital beds being occupied every night.
Good god on a gecko!  Drinking costs the health service billions every year! The bloody cheek of you selfish drinkers!  None of this vaguely sounds like ASH's claim that there is no precedent, that tobacco is unique.  No, not at all.

So who is this Charlie McConalogue? Nobody, really. Just a spokesperson on children for the Republican Party Fianna Fáil in Donegal North East. Looks like this young whippersnapper is trying to carve a niche for himself in the protect the children racket.  Good luck with that, Chuck. 

Can you all please stop having children now so we few adults who are capable of thinking for ourselves may have a life free from the imperious nanny state?  It's getting old, this neo-puritan prohibition.