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Friday 5 July 2013

Home ... For Now

I'm home. The US road trip that Mrs Tyranny and I did these past few weeks was absolutely fantastic.  We drove a total of 3,480 miles, according to the odometer in our rental car.  If you'd like to see where we went, see the below image, but for more detail then you can view this Google map:

Click this link for a more detailed view of the above map
Along the way, we took lots of photographs. Over 1,400 photos.  Here's a small selection of pics (tip: if you want to see higher resolution images, click the gear icon on the photo album and choose it from the menu or alternatively select "view album on Imgur"):

Usually, at the end of most holidays, we look forward to coming back home.  But not this time.  We didn't want to leave.  For the past few years, we've discussed leaving the UK but we didn't know where we would move to.  Somewhere friendly, somewhere warmer, somewhere with a smaller tax burden, some place that was not under the thumb of Public Health nutjobs hell-bent on controlling our lives.*  Now we have a pretty good idea, so we're looking into making it happen.  Because with each passing day it is increasingly looking like we have no viable future nor opportunities in Britain.  The horrible monster that is the EU is a primary factor for wanting to leave the UK while the leaving is good (i.e. while our money is still worth something, and before it all goes tits up -- if it does that is). We could be outta here in a few months if all goes well and to plan...  I suppose we'll see what happens.

(*Public Health is infiltrated just about everywhere, and while the States certainly has issues, it is nowhere close to the Socialist hell that Britain and the EU has become, and will continue to be for the forseeable future. At least Public Health is not as insidious and dominant in the States as it is here in the UK.)

But I will continue to resist and fight against Public Health everywhere I find it. That is a certainty.