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Thursday 18 July 2013

Black Marks For Anna Soubry MP

How important was plain packaging to Public Health in the UK? Important enough for a junior civil servant to wilfully disregard Parliament? Important enough for an MP to act on behalf of the entire country without ever letting the British people or MPs know what she was doing? I didn't think it possible, but the plain packaging scandal keeps getting worse. I read this over at Dick Puddlecote's:
[Anna] Soubry and [Andrew] Black surreptitiously crept off to Europe to make decisions on behalf of the government and people of this country without consulting a democratically-elected committee as they are supposed to do.
Watch the vid below. It's an hour-long smack-down of the people who are truly running this country, both Anna Soubry and Andrew Black. Be amazed that Anna Soubry makes "no apology" for her actions against the British people (except for an apology to the committee itself), for deciding that only she could save us all from ourselves. Be astounded that Andrew Black says his wilful failure to answer the committee's questions for over SIX MONTHS is merely a "learning point." Be gobsmacked over the fact that Soubry didn't have to do anything at all -- the UK could have abstained -- but Irish Health Minister James Reilly and Andrew Black had convinced Soubry that something had to done right away, because if they didn't act then you couldn't trust the Lithuanians to do anything when they assume the European presidency.

And they did all of that simply because they just had to have plain packaging in the UK. Because they couldn't afford to let MPs have a debate on it. What they truly did was agree to ban menthol cigarettes, without giving MPs and tobacco consumers a voice in the matter, and at the same time agreed to completely shaft vapers by effectively banning e-cigs by regulating them as medical devices, without giving MPs and the British public a voice in the matter. In respect of that e-cig regulation, I see on Twitter that one seller claims that the MHRA told him that it would cost him £2 billion to stay in business.

Source: Twitter
So, now you know how important plain packaging was to the Department of Health, Public Health, fake charities like ASH (attentive viewers may see The Dreadful in the audience -- she's closest to the exit), and taxpayer-funded smoker-hating groups.  Perhaps vapers never thought that plain packaging mattered to them, but it was plain packaging that helped to screw you guys and gals over in the UK.

Whatever you may think, there is one thing that is certain. Andrew Black must be sacked from his role has the Tobacco Programme Manager at the Department of Health. He needs to be sent packing and shuffled off back to the grand experiment in hate against smokers happening right now in Australia, his home country. Perhaps all of you highly-motivated vapers in the UK would like to write to your MPs ...?  Because vapers, it was Andrew Black who really helped to screw you over. Also, me thinks it's an excellent time for a number of FOI requests in respect of Soubry's and Black's involvement with this whole sordid affair. So get writing, folks.

Here's the video, which requires Silverlight to view.