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Monday, 24 September 2012

ASH Wales Totally Deluded

A few moments ago, I saw this tweet by ASH Wales:

I then clicked on the link in the tweet and saw this (click to enlargify):

That's right. 98 signatures so far. They've been doing this "protect actors from second-hand smoke" petition for a little over a week now. If we assume that all of the signatures are Welsh (and we cannot assume that at all, but we will accept that they are all Welsh for illustrative purposes), then "What a response!" is either incredibly hopeful or entirely deluded.  Why?

Wales has a population of 3,006,400 as of 2010 (it must be at least 3,006,450 by now). 98 signatures out of 3,006,400 people equals 0.0033% of the Welsh population in favour of supporting a smoking ban on actors and studios.  Yep, 98 people out of 3,006,400 Welsh equals "What a response!" at ASH Wales.

So are you thinking that the people at ASH Wales are total fucking idiots?  I am.

Luckily for ASH, the public won't be allowed to have a proper vote, like Switzerland.

ASH Wales are LOSERS!
ASH Wales: Losers!
Image via Blowing Smoke