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Friday, 4 January 2013

Weapons of Mass Deception

"We have accepted the responses to the consultation, including petitions, postcards and emails, in good faith."
                 --  Andrew Black, Tobacco Programme Manager

Except the Department of Health Hate has only done so when it is in support of plain packaging of course. Because every organisation who ran campaigns opposing plain packaging has been forced to prove that everything was above board.

Take, for instance, the numerous DH e-mails to Simon Clark of FOREST demanding answers to how Hands Off Our Packs ran its signature campaign.

And this:

Or how about the DH and government demanding that Imperial Tobacco prove its signatures were genuine (emphasis added)?
Imperial Tobacco was asked by the Government to prove that thousands of postcards opposing plain packaging on cigarette packets were not fakes after questions were raised over the similarity of the handwriting.
That's just two of the many demands (and bullshit complaints invented by the tobacco control industry) they've made against the opposition to plain packs, and lest we forget, the libellous APPG newsletter that Stephen Williams MP signed.

But when our side proves that plain packs supporters deliberately cheated and tried to rig the campaign in their favour, time and time again, and asks the DH what it's going to do to address it, Andrew Black baulks at such a suggestion:

Andrew Black is definitely a cunt

Well, if it's not necessary, Andrew Black, then why ask FOREST, HOOPs and Imperial to prove that their signatures are genuine?   Oh, I see how it works. One set of rules for you guys and the government who support plain packs, and another for everyone else who disagrees with plain packs.  Gotcha.

Andrew Black is a tool.  He is just but one of the weapons of mass deception that the entire tobacco control industry regularly uses to cheat and rig public consultations (and apparently, Australia is part of the British public these days); to deceive the public and, ultimately, con elected ministers into believing there is overwhelming public support; to steal our hard-earned money and use it against it ordinary citizens who have done nothing at all to any of these people except for failing to do what tobacco control industry wants them to do.

I, for one, do not trust Andrew Black.  Based on everything I've seen about him, I think he's a shady, duplicitous, dirty-dealing, no-good varmint, which is probably why he works for the likes of the tobacco control industry.  They are all weapons of mass deception. That's just my opinion, but I'm certain it is correct.