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Friday, 13 July 2012

End of the Week Roundup

With apologies, blogging has been light this week due to researching this month's Super Twat. As always, the hardest part is finding something good to say about them.  That post will be forthcoming in a few days.  But while I've been quiet, there have been others who have been posting up some fantastic blogs.

Lying, Cheating Ratbags Busted

Dick Puddlecote and Chris Snowdon exposed Smokefree South West's plain packs website for what it is: a huge pack of lies designed to deceive the public by listing Mr "open-minded" Andrew Lansley as a supporter. Oops.

Simon Clark of Forest also covered it here on his blog and wondered if Plain Packs Protects is merely stupid or arrogant.  I would say yes they are both of those, and also suggest "incompetent" -- is that being harsh?  Perhaps not.

After being exposed, Smokefree South West then quietly removed Lansley from their supporters page today, which makes them look guilty as hell, and also added this disclaimer: "These comments have been taken from the public domain and do not necessarily represent an endorsement of the Plain Packs Protect campaign."  Yeah, right. 

Here's a Google-cache image of their site before the change (note the lack of disclaimer):

They're Coming for the Outdoors Too

Over at The Moose, Bucko blogged about New Zealand's latest insane study on outdoor smoking, which boldly claims:
Smoking significantly raises the level of dangerous air pollution in city streets, according to new research that has reignited the debate about banning cigarettes in public places.
As it happens, the study was commissioned, designed, and funded by the tobacco control industry.

So no bias there, right? Remember when the tobacco control industry Nazis said everyone would be safe if smokers were forced outside?  They lied.  This was always part of the plan. 

Quit or Die  Get Beaten to Death (possibly)

Last but not least comes this fantastic exposé by Pat Nurse on how smokefree legislation is actually harming women in ethnic communities right here in the UK and the tobacco control industry has merely shrugged its shoulders about the problem.  Pat writes:

Indeed, they appear to see making women targets for cultural male violence as some sort of benefit in helping them to enforce their political ideology to rid the world of smokers.

Here's an interesting (and truly saddening) slide from the study:

Not only is the tobacco control industry denormalising and shaming human beings, they're also making them targets for abuse in their communities.

Wow.  Just wow.  The tobacco control industry likes to believe it is helping people, but all it has really done is ripped communities apart, isolated the elderly, and destroyed any chance of smokers having a healthy social life.  Tobacco control is a plague on society.  They are all villains.