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Monday, 1 October 2012

Octabber Starts Today

A few weeks back I wrote about this month's #Octabber campaign here and said:
We'll  be tweeting the hashtag #octabber throughout the month of October.  No doubt some twat will say we're encouraging children and women to smoke (keeping in mind that the tobacco control industry typically disregards men as victims of big tobacco subliminal marketing campaigns).  We aren't doing that. We're just saying we're not going to quit.
So, I was partially correct.  Via Simon Clark at Taking Liberties, we learn that the Mancunian Matters web site has ill-informed its readers about #Octabber:

"A rival campaign called ‘Octabber’ has been set up which encourages people to smoke though Mr Clark was keen to make clear he did not endorse the campaign at all."

Octabber isn't about encouraging anyone to smoke.  It is for those who aren't going to quit smoking this month despite a 28-day long campaign of anti-smoker propaganda aimed right at them.

Feel free to drop by the Octabber Facebook page* and join the conversation.

*while the page is still up, because the nannying tyrants might complain about it. Hopefully that doesn't happen.