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Friday, 26 October 2012

Blog Design Update

I suppose you might have noticed that the blog design looks a little different than before.  Last night I decided to change the Watermark template that I had been using to this new template.  It was sort of accidental, to be honest; I only wanted to preview what it looked like on my blog, but there is no option to do that ... so here we are with a new design.

I had been thinking it was time for a design update and I wanted something somewhat less Blogger generic than what I had been using.  I wanted something more readable and a little more snazzy.  Basically, I was bored with the previous layout.  I have, however, saved the old design template, so I can always revert back to it.

I am still working on the CSS and HTML elements to improve the design -- it's been about seven or eight years since I last worked with CSS, so I'm incredibly rusty -- expect to see some minor modifications over the next week or so.

Unfortunately, this template does not have a mobile or smart phone layout / template design, so I had to use one of the Blogger defaults to ensure those who use their mobiles to read blogs could still read it.  Since I don't have a smart phone, I am unable to look for myself to see how this blog appears on mobiles.  If it's rubbish, please let me know. Alternatively, I can turn off the mobile template functionality entirely -- if anyone would like to help me test it, please contact me by e-mail. I would be very grateful for you assistance.

And if anyone has trouble reading the blog on laptops, PC or Mac desktops, kindly drop me a note in the comments or by e-mail with any issues you see.  It looks great on my PC and laptop, so I can only hope that it looks as good on yours. Let me know if it doesn't.

OK, thanks and I hope you guys like the new design. Stay tuned, as there is a great deal of things to write about in coming days.