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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Kiddies' Hate Group Disables User Posts

Further to yesterday's post, I note that all of the links to Helen Casstles's posts on D-MYST's page no longer work.  D-MYST has disabled the ability for users to leave posts on their page, but comments on the posts that D-MYST makes are still open.  This act of cowardice by the adults responsible for D-MYST illustrates two very important things:

1.  Always, always, always screen capture comments, tweets and Facebook posts, because these could be deleted at any time. 

2.  The anti-smokers are clearly worried that their Public Health crusade through unnecessary hate campaigns using children are backfiring and they are covering their tracks. Public figures, like Councillor Helen Casstles, do not want you to know how insane they really are. 

I've decided to create a Submit a Tip page so that you can let me know about stuff you find. There is now a permalink up in the menu bar at the top of every page.  Please screen capture every loony thing you see. You can save your images on and share that link rather than e-mailing images to me.

Please note that if you antagonise or factually-challenge the anti-smokers (or even comment at these haters' sites and tweets), there is an excellent chance they will delete the stupid things they've said.  So, I would strongly recommend avoiding commenting if you can, but that is obviously your choice.  At the very least, screen capture everything before commenting in order to maintain a record of it. Try to be thorough about it, too. Show everything in context, and save the links to the page.  If you have to, save the entire page as an HTML file.  Believe me, there is no engaging in rational debate with many of these people. Commenting is pointless 99.9% of the time, although I do understand that challenging these idiots is fun for some of you.

Do what what you will, but also note that when I link to people's comments and pages, that is not an invitation to antagonise or harass them, no matter how stupid and insane they are.  Not that I think any of you are doing that. I'm just saying, is all.

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