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Friday 19 October 2012

More Evidence of Plain Packs Cross-Promotion

Following yesterday's post, Plain Packs Corruption, in which I showed that Smokefree South West (SFSW) had indeed cross-promoted CRUK's separate petition, I've done a little more digging to see how far done the rabbit hole it goes. When SFSW wrote to Andrew Black claiming that they didn't promote the other petitions, they lied. 

Below is a small selection of tweets and re-tweets by Plain Packs Protect (PPP) on Twitter cross-promoting CRUK's petition.  PPP is run by SFSW, and SFSW is funded by and part of the NHS, which as you know is managed by the Department of Health Hate.

Welcome to Wonderland.
The link  leads to this page with links to CRUK's petition

Of course, it's not just Plain Packs Protect (rather SFSW) who cross-promotes.  SFSW's partner, Tobacco Free Futures (formerly Smokefree North West), has done the same.
Links to CF petition via Facebook

Believe me there is a lot more of this, one only needs to look.  Unfortunately, I do not have time to track it all down. 

I will update this post with any stuff you or I find.  Please look, because I could really use a little help with this.