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Saturday, 8 June 2013

True Nostalgia

I've been preparing the images I'm going to use for the blog posts whilst I'm away on holiday -- taking photos, cropping, adjusting my "wonky horizons," (I should have used my tripod, I realise now), resizing, etc.  I admit that preparation was more than a bit tedious at times -- it's a labour of love, let me tell you.  But I've managed to complete the prep work and I'm about to begin making the new images and blog posts.

I did stumble upon this fine example of an old cigarette advertisement in the Picture Post magazine.  I won't be using it for my upcoming blog posts, so I figured I might as well share it now with you.

Army Club Cigarettes Advertisement  - July 1940
"The Smoker's Reply  to the Budget  - A shilling a time's enough"
How cool is that?  Imagine paying only a shilling for a packet of fags!  I wonder how many women and children began smoking because of that ad and the packet design.  I suspect if any tobacco control fuckpuppets see this ad, they'll immediately claim that this ad was targeting foetuses -- because it certainly wasn't aimed at British men. Tobacco companies only target women and children... well, that's what public health wants you to believe, because that's how they roll.

So, yeah... that ad was on the only tobacco advertisement in the entire magazine.  There were plenty of other non-tobacco ads, however.  Here's a picture of the page from which the ad was taken.  Enjoy.

Advertisements on page 47 of PICTURE POST magazine - 13 July 1940
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