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Friday, 28 June 2013

What We Are Fighting For - 15 of 17

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Jay's thoughts: Spend a bit of time with these images. How far removed are these from today's society, when rags like the Daily Mail print photographs and exposés of nothing more than celebrities having a cigarette ... outside!  Smokers, regardless of class, are often treated like the poor Jews in the photographs above. We're sub-human outcasts of a socialist society in modern Britain. Is this really a free and liberal Britain (or America, or Australia)? Do we smokers really deserve this scorn and hatred that Public Health has inflicted upon us?  I say, "No!"

People always need somebody to hate, somebody to fight against. It's a real pity that Public Health has pitted our next-door neighbours against us. So try to see the acts of Public Health for what they are. It's not about health. It's about control. It's about conformity to an evil and overbearing socialist ideal.  It's about forcing everybody to live under one set of hateful rules, and those who fail the litmus test of conformity are doomed to carry placards that read:  "I'm overweight -- I will not speak out against Public Health" or "I smoke, and I kill babies for fun!" That is what we're moving towards.

That is what we're up against right now.

Is it right? Should this be happening?

I don't think it is right at all -- but never mind me, what do you think?