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Monday, 17 June 2013

What We Are Fighting For - 4 of 17

What We Are Fighting For - It's the CHILDREN!
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From Picture Post Magazine, July 13, 1940, pp 14-15
This is indeed a war for all we are. We have much to lose. But we have also much to gain. This is a war, too, for all we hope to be. A war for the reality which we know and for the dream towards we are striving. Let us not forget that the Nazis (going into action with shouts of "Heil Hitler!") are fighting for their dream. The dream of a continent clamped down. The dream of a continent manipulated by a master race. If we are to win this battle, the dream that we fight for must be a grander and more spacious one. A dream of fellowship and life, instead of division and death. A dream of a country -- and a continent -- in which everyone shall be their own masters and their own men. A world fit for men and women to live in. This dream is not one of the sort that can be promised or conferred by politicians.

It is a dream which we, the people, can make real for ourselves -- by our own exertions and skill, our own tenacity and cunning. If we smash the Nazis, we earn the chance to make the dream real. If we fail before the Nazis, we stand no chance at all.

And Here is the Story of Life Under Nazi Rule

On a moonless winter night of February 27, 1933, Germany lay quiet. The children were in bed at their usual hour. The big yellow buses rolled out to the Berlin suburbs according to schedule. On time, the trains clattered across the dark and frozen countryside. Everything seemed as usual. German freedom slept.

Through underground passages men were hurrying into the deserted Reichstag. [...]

(continued on WWAFF post 5)

Jay's thoughts:  What do people dream about these days?  Liberty? Freedom? The right to live your life as you wish?  Or is the collective dream a totalitarian nightmare, in which we all do precisely as we're told for fear of punishment, a fascist dystopia where individuality, choice and free thought is replaced with an oppressive regime of conformity of opinion and beliefs?

To paraphrase the above:  Let us not forget that Public Health and the Tobacco Control Industry (going into action with shouts of "FOR THE CHILDREN!") are fighting for their dream of control. The dream of an island and continent free from liberty and choice, free from the child-tempting perils of trade marks and logos. The dream of an island and continent manipulated by socialist academics with their hate campaigns and distortions of facts, of politicians who care only for the power to control others and who wilfully do the bidding of the socialists for personal gain.

If we are to win this battle against the New Inquisition that has usurped the true Public Health (i.e. communicable disease prevention, fresh water, etc.), and has overtaken our once democratic governments, then our dreams that we fight for must be for freedom and civil liberties for all people equally, the fight for the right to make our own choices as we see fit, without interference from nannying tyrants.

Bonus comic:

The Filter Wales Wants Your Children For Nefarious Purposes
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