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Monday 12 November 2012

I, Drone (Special Cannabis Edition)

If the name Daniel Clayton doesn't ring any tobacco control industry bells, do not be concerned.  In comparison to the Root of All Evil, The Dreadful, Anna Gilmore, Stanton Glantz, or other well-known tobacco control industry names, nobody would consider to list Daniel Clayton among them. He used to work for ASH Wales as their Youth Health Specialist (which is, in my humble opinion, more than bit frightening that people like this have had access to our kids, especially after you've read through the contents of his tweet history), before moving on to some other Public Health job in Cardiff. He's nobody, really. It would be difficult to even class him as a "useful idiot."  No, do not be alarmed if you've not heard about this rugby-loving, fan of Pink Floyd, and generally mouthy prohibitionist before; he is just another one of Public Health's True Believers, blindly following and parroting whatever propaganda the tobacco control industry machine can produce.

Mr Daniel Clayton
There is a YouTube vid of him here, but I don't recommend watching it

But I bring him up today because Daniel Clayton likes to tweet absurdities on a regular basis. In other words, his moronic and often overtly socialist and sometimes communistic tweets entertain me.  Indeed, it was enormously entertaining to see him get all worked up over a union asking it members to oppose plain packaging.  In his mind, unions are socialist "for the greater public good" constructs, much like he views the whole of the NHS and every other taxpayer-funded group you can think of, and therefore unions should also toe the tobacco control line. But when unions don't toe the line, Daniel Clayton does not forget nor forgive.  He's kind of like a little terrier set loose from its lead, padding through the estate, nipping at the ankles of the postman who dares to stray into the little mutt's territory:  Harmless? Not too bright? A nuisance, perhaps? Well, it's amusing to me.

I could go on, but I'll get to the point.  Mr Clayton posted this tweet today:

Now, OK, think about this for a moment.  Mr Clayton isn't sure whether cannabis should be legalised, but if it is made legal, so long as people who smoke weed don't use tobacco in their spliffs, then that's fine by him.  You see, in his view, only the evil tobacco plant kills people. Or perhaps his view is simpler than that: Tobacco companies kill people.  It should be noted that Mr Clayton does not like capitalism, big business, or indeed much of anything but socialised taxpayer-funded quangos and government bodies.  But the above tweet is absurd in its hypocrisy, and I point it out today because it illustrates the next big movement in the tobacco control industry.

The tobacco control industry won't necessarily come out in support of cannabis use, but they will aggressively campaign for people to smoke their weed without using tobacco.  If you're in America, this is no big deal.  Most pot-smoking Americans smoke a J neat -- that is, no tobacco is used when rolling it up.  Bong lovers do not use tobacco either, and of course the ever favourite easy-to-carry pot pipe is also smoked with only cannabis in the bowl ... in the States.  But here in the UK and within Europe, a lot of cannabis smokers prefer to roll up a fatty with a bit of tobacco mixed in.  Every culture and region goes about smoking cannabis their own way.

But shame on you Europeans and Britons who use tobacco whilst getting high! The tobacco control industry does not approve! Don't you realise that the magical tobacco plant is a billion times more dangerous than cannabis?  Does it not matter to you that that very same potentially cancer-causing chemicals present in tobacco smoke are also present in cannabis smoke? You may as well give up cooking food and attending bonfire parties or enjoying the warmth of a log-burning fireplace.  The same potentially cancer-causing chemical constituents of any burning plant material are present in all of these things. The same ones. Including cannabis.

The tobacco control industry won't tell you that. Their agenda is to destroy tobacco companies and make smokers' lives as miserable as possible in the process. So if you mix tobacco in with your spliff, you are funding the tobacco industry, and they do not like it one bit.

It's not about health. It's about controlling your  choices whilst promoting their agenda against an industry they do not like.  Daniel Clayton cannot see the wood for the trees. He is blinded by the tobacco control industry's hateful campaigns against consumers of tobacco products and the companies and farmers who supply the consumers.  Destroy them all, no matter the costs to society.

I can only imagine a similar fate happening to a legal Big Cannabis industry, should something like that ever occur.

Just so we're all clear about what is and is not acceptable when it comes to smoking cannabis, a demonstration using pictures for your viewing pleasure:

This is fine:
Rolling a fatty neat - no tobacco

This is also [extremely] fine:
Hitting a bong, whilst naked and wearing only stockings is acceptable behaviour - no tobacco
Propane torch, optional

This is completely unacceptable:
Rolling a spliff with hand rolling tobacco -- this is very, very bad

And this is also right out:
Rolling a spliff with tobacco from a cigarette is also very bad
Update: Thanks to DP for the link to the ASH 2012 conference tweet (see comments).