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Thursday, 15 November 2012


Further to yesterday's post, here's something I failed to highlight:

Link to tweet
Clearly the man is off his meds.  Meh... trying to stir up an unnecessary and unwanted debate by being an arrogant arsehole is par for the course in Public Health advocacy.  Congrats on being a dick, Root.

Best direct response to the Root of All Evil's tweet goes to Liz:
Well said, Liz

Best tweet of the day in response to The Root's licensing scheme for smokers goes to Lewis:

Perhaps not, Lewis.

On the positive side, if Chapman truly believes this is probably the most important piece he has ever published, it must mean that we can safely ignore everything else he has written as the tripe we've always thought it was. Because let's face facts, the man incessantly talks out of his arse and is a blight on humanity, in my opinion. Perhaps this is his swan song. Perhaps he's going to retire.  Or maybe the men in white coats are coming for him at last. One can only suppose.

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Have a great day!