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Thursday 16 August 2012

Super Twat of the Month - August 2012


Each month this blog will choose one person or an organisation to be our Super Twat of the Month.  Our STOTM will normally be a public figure who is an anti-smoker activist and/or someone who is trashing (or attempting to trash) our civil liberties in support of a Nanny or Surveillance State.  If this blog had to have only one motto, it would be "Educate, Don't Legislate."  STOTMs want to legislate your lifestyles away. The people we choose to be STOTMs often claim to be in support of civil liberties, but in reality they only want liberties to be applied to the causes or groups of people they identify with.  Here we call them out for their hypocrisy.  We are not so naive that we believe this blog will have any impact on their decisions, but we can hope.

Whoa! Stop the Presses!

This month we're going to break from our usual format, in which we list both good and bad things about our chosen Super Twat of the Month. In fact, we're breaking all the rules and we're not even going to choose a person or an organisation.  No, this month is very special.  This month we choose an entire fucking country. Yes, that country.

Super Twat of the Month - August 2012

August's Super Twat is Australia.

The Blunder Down Under

Quite frankly, we've written so much about Australia that we're sick and tired of it.  So we're going to keep this relatively short.  Australia, you suck!  You are a nation of nannied pussies.* You are now the shittiest country in the world. North Korea is 1000 times better than you.

(*We exclude all persons who believe that plain packs are a bad idea and/or fought against plain packs. We also exclude certain individuals who haven't fallen for that whole man-made global warming scam.)

Your government is run by fascist criminals pretending to be otherwise, pretending to act in your best interest, screwing you over at every opportunity without the courtesy of a reach-around.  The justices of your high court who ruled in favour of plain packs are a disgrace to freedom, as well as consumers' and traders' rights.They have dishonoured each and every one of you.

They have all colluded against you and now have drawn a line in the sand. And do tell: who amongst the nannied citizenry of Australia will be brave enough to cross it? Anyone?  Anyone at all?


That's what we thought.

We know what you're thinking, citizens of Australia. You're thinking it's unfair to judge an entire country based on its government, high court, and a limited constitutional ruling on plain packaging on tobacco products.  To which we say, "fuck off and go hump a koala, pussies."  You are about to find out that it was never just about cigarettes.

In a short amount of time, you will see the super nannies demanding plain packaging for lots of stuff.  You let them open the floodgates. Now you're going to have to deal with it.  You deserve everything that is coming your way. We hope that while you're reading your unduly excessive carbon tax bills that you choke on your plain packaged fast food, alcohol, fizzy drinks, and anything else that your evil fucking government decides is unhealthy for you.

Perhaps at the next general election you'll take steps to get rid of your current government.  We hope you do, but until then, until you fight to take back your country, you can all go piss up a rope.

Congratulations, Australia, you are are Super Twat of the Month. All of you.

PS: You could also do something about The University of Sydney, at which certain "educators" are brainwashing your children and ultimately breeding hateful fuckwits daily. Just sayin'.