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Wednesday, 29 May 2013


Inspiration is a mercurial thing.  I never know what is going to inspire me or when it will strike.

I do know that I am rarely (if ever) inspired by the ubiquitous images with quotes and other sayings that unnecessarily eat up data transfer limits on the Internet. And that self-awareness subsequently inspired me. So I made this.

The irony of creating and sharing this image is not lost on me, I assure you.

Speaking of inspiration, that ranty freeman Cap'n of Lawful Rebellion is certainly feeling uninspired, and I completely understand how he feels. I cannot speak for anyone but me, but I would definitely say that most of us bloggers don't blog to be famous, or for any kind of notoriety. We blog for you, and of course for ourselves.  We hope that what we write inspires you -- gets you thinking, seeing things in a different way, or better, gets you doing something.  That last one is the toughest.

If I fail, then at least I tried.  There is no shame in failure. There is only the inexcusable shame in not doing something for fear of failing. Everybody fails. Nobody succeeds at everything all of the time. Nobody, not even The Root of All Evil (though his ego would never allow him to admit it, and if he did admit failure it would be somebody else's fault).  But if you don't like what I write, if you think my silly videos, music and images suck, then by all means let me know.  I cannot possibly know what works and doesn't work unless people say something. Yes, I'm talking to you. Take a moment and leave a comment now and then. Don't be shy - be honest and direct. I'd prefer that over silence any day.

Getting frustrated and angry because you have no idea if what you're doing makes any difference at all ... this is an entirely different thing.  I get how Cap'n Ranty feels. I feel precisely the same way most of the time.